Conditioning Savage Anywhere WOD

“One Leg Wonder” (4 of 14)

Do all exercises in the order shown below. (Footwork + Single Leg + Core) is 1 round.
Do 1 round for Blitz. Do 2 rounds for Race.
Rest as needed. Scale all movements to your ability. Post results to Savage Syndicate (optional).
All of the movements for this workout are explained in the video.

Footwork series:

  • 2 mile run/walk/row/ruck
  • 3 min High Knees
  • 4 min Jump Rope (just do the action without rope if you don’t have one)

Single Leg series:

Do all of these consecutively while standing on one foot, then switch feet and repeat the entire series on the other foot. If you lose balance, just quickly regain and keep going. Try to go through the whole series without letting your second foot touch down!

  • 60s balance with eyes closed
  • 10x calf raise
  • 10x pistol squat (whether its 2” or full deep squat, go as far as you can with max effort)
  • 10x Drinking Bird (single leg toe touch)
  • 10x walkout with pushup
  • 10x calf raise
  • 100x arm circles, 2’ circles

Core Series:

If you have to break and rest, just continue from where you left off.