Conditioning Savage Anywhere WOD

“7th Inning Stretch” (14 of 14)

This exercise is the same for Race and Blitz.

7 rounds:

  • 7 push ups
  • 7 swings
  • 250m swift ruck (Race); 100m swift ruck (Blitz)*

The prescribed ruck weight is 45 pounds for people over 150 pounds, and 35 pounds for people under 150 pounds. Scale to your ability.

The prescribed ruck speed for the 100m ruck is ruck-walking as fast as you can, or a slow trot.

If you do not have a backpack suitable for heavy swings, you may swing a dumbbell, or kettlebell. You may also substitute for odd-object to shoulder.

Cadre DS (Dan) is a special forces operator, with experience serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Africa, and Haiti as an Air Force Combat Controller. Dan maintains and teaches a “ready for whatever” level of fitness, and is an event Cadre for Savage Race GORUCK Tough events.

//Sam’s notes:
You can use any backpack for this. If you are interested in ruck training, Sam uses and recommends GORUCK 20L Rucker and Ruck Plate.