CM 10.1 for EVOLTE (jewel)

cyanogenmod-logoThese Builds are being maintained for historical purposes. CM10.1 is now being OFFICIALLY built so the need for my builds is no more. I will not be uploading any new builds while an OFFICIAL nightly is being maintained at CM.

NOTICE: These are my home built CM10.1 ROMS for the jewel. I have not altered anything but instead am providing a daily build using default CM sources. I am not responsible for any damage that these files may cause to your phone. I am only sharing these files for those not able to build CM themselves. All copyrights are maintained by their original holders.

NOTE:  Cm-10.1-<DATE>-UNOFFICIAL-jewel is the ROM and  Cm-10.1-<DATE>-UNOFFICIAL-jewel Zip is the MD5. For some reason my plugin titles the files wierd…

One reply on “CM 10.1 for EVOLTE (jewel)”

It looks as though the build date is not changing in the ROM. I think it is because build caching is on. I can assure you it is a fresh build with only the changed files being built. But either way I will change the caching to off as it is built at night anyways.

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